About Me


Hello Lovelies!

My name is Jac Kalaher and I am so blessed to have 4 AMAZING men in my life. :) Three are my sweet, loving, off the wall little boys and the fourth is the absolute love of my life, my husband, B.

For years I’ve felt a HUGE drive to do incredible things. I honestly had no idea what it was or why I felt that way for SO long. Then I realized this…


EVERY single one of us has been given a unique blueprint for this life. We have been given talents, will power, strength, courage, determination, and smarts. The tricky part is what we choose to do with them. You either are one of two kinds of people. You look at the glass half full or you look at it half empty.

I believe that God gave me the gift of helping other people to reach their fullest potential in life.

I believe he gave me vision, he gave me strength and he gave me courage. I without a shadow of a doubt believe that he gave that to YOU TOO!

In the past 1 1/2 years I have gone from an overweight, uncomfortable, depressed mom of 2 to a confident, HAPPY, and fulfilled mom of 3.

We finally have a plan for our lives that doesn’t involve debt, depression, and anxiety.

-To be out of debt by the end of the year.
-Taking our family on yearly family vacations
-Gotten rid of the panic of “what am I going to do when my kids go to school full time? Who’s going to want to hire me?”
-Working from anywhere with anyone I please
-Blessing others in need & supporting causes we are passionate about.

This is not just a “ME” thing! This can be a YOU thing too!

When I first started my journey I was overwhelmed, unhappy, and completely stressed out about how I felt in my own skin. The day I committed to putting my health and fitness first is the day my life changed for good.

Since that day, I’ve gone from being  insecure and feeling alone to a full time Beachbody Coach. This incredible health & fitness company helped me regain control of not only my health and finances… but also gave me back my confidence, self-belief, and passion, as well as a platform to share my story and help others to change THEIR lives for the better!

Today I spend my time working with people who are where I once was — to make a difference in their lives. God has blessed me with the ability to pay it forward and literally change lives. It’s simply incredible. It is my purpose and life’s mission to not only help people see their true potential, but LIVE IT!

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Remember Energy IS Life and we Only Have ONE!

XO Jac

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