Pregnancy & Fitness—who knew?

Wow–looking at these pictures flashes back to SO many memories.

Month 3: Sick as a dog, living in KS, barely making my workouts, napping 4 times a week, drinking Shakeology daily.

Month 4: Homeless, traveling with 2 kids across the country, working out was no where in site, drinking Shakeology daily.

Month 5: Still homeless but just spent the ENTIRE summer in MA with family, workouts VERY sporadic, drinking Shakeology daily.

Month 6: Finally settled in our new home in TX, JUST started my working out again semi-consistently 3-4 times a week, drinking my Shakeology daily.

Month 7: Boys are in school part-time, my office is set up, consistently working out–FINALLY, drinking my Shakeology daily.

Month 8: WOOHOO back in the swing of things, started a round of 21 Day Fix with my Coaches, drinking my Shakeology daily.

Month 9: Round 2 of 21 Day Fix, support coming from all over the map as I post my workouts on my like page and inspire women everywhere, drinking Shakeology daily.

THIS WEEK: Started 21 Day Fix EXTREME, started FALSE LABOR aka early labor aka OUCH this shit hurts, STILL drinking my Shakeology daily.

Honestly, when I first made this collage I thought I would just do it to see how much my body has changed in 9 months. I wanted to compare it to my first two pregnancies. Then seeing all these pics reminded me that throughout the pregnancy even though we traveled across the country TWICE this summer and were technically homeless, there was one thing that stayed consistent.

Yes, I ate fast food. Yes, my workouts slacked. Yes, I had morning sickness for the first 20 WEEKS. Yes, I wanted to NEVER workout again because I was just so dang tired. So WHY with all those obstacles do I NOT look like a mirror image of my last 2 pregnancies? Why am I not close to 200lbs (or over it?) like I was the first time around? Why am I able to workout versus barely being able to breathe at almost 40 weeks pregnant?


If someone offered you THE BEST SUPER FOOD HEALTH shake on the planet would you try it? Would you feed it to the sweet innocent babe that’s growing inside of you? Would you honestly complain about the cost when it’s less than a Starbucks coffee?
If you want to try Shakeo DO IT. Stop waiting for tomorrow to feed your body properly. It’s never too late to start taking care of what God gave you.

Contact ME or drop your email below and I’ll get you the deets. If you love it, like 95% of people do–ask me HOW you can get it for 25% off. :)
Enjoy your day friends! xo



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