Is Your Time worth it to you?





I freaking LOVE this guy. I love him SO much that I want to spend every extra second he’s not at work with him. He’s an INCREDIBLE husband, amazing father and the hardest worker I know.

Together we make a lot of REALLY cool stuff happen. 3 kids, 6 moves across the country, spontaneous road trips and unplanned weekend adventures. He is my rock.

Yesterday he went into work at 12pm. He was supposed to get off around midnight. He walked through the door at 6am today. He NEVER complains about his job. EVER. It’s pretty dang impressive. 

I am so grateful that my job allows me to go on every single adventure we can around HIS schedule. You see, this glamorous military wife lifestyle that I lead is pretty restrictive. His schedule dictates our lives and I’m okay with that–BUT there’s not a single moment where I have to tell him “No, we can’t go on that AMAZING adventure because I have to work” and I don’t EVER want that to be the case.

If you want the freedom to do WHATEVER you want, WHENEVER you want we need to chat. Like yesterday…Honestly, the job I have is the job you’ve always wanted but never knew existed. Time freedom, financial freedom, changing lives, getting healthy and fit, inspiring others, motivating people to change their lives, and working with an incredible team of uplifting and positive people is just the beginning. The World is yours my friend. Why not step out of your comfort zone and do something new and exciting?

If you want more information on what I actually do as a Coach (you know, all the awesome, exciting behind the scenes stuff) fill out this app today—->

Let’s start changing some lives friends, starting with YOU. :)

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