Flash Back to 36 Weeks & My Transformation




Pregnancy Transformation: You know I couldn’t resist this, especially celebrating 36 weeks. 😘

👶Baby #1: 2010–7 months pregnant with Jackson
👶 Baby #2: 2012–6 months pregnant with Emmett
👶 Baby #3: 2015 aka TODAY: 9 months pregnant

I would have LOVED to share 9 month photos from my last two pregnancies BUT I never let anyone take any and if I did I deleted them almost immediately. Sad but true. There are probably a few floating around in cyber space but I don’t have the time to seek them out.

Anywho this is the best I’ve got. On the LEFT I was insecure, hiding my preggo body, embarrassed of the ridiculous weight I gained. I was so consumed by my image and how miserable I felt my entire world got sucked into negativity.

It was a real eye opener when lady doc said to me:
“Wow, most woman get bigger with each pregnancy. I see with your first you were…ummmm…wellll……you….”

“I was fat. I ate a boat load of kit Kats and gained 60lbs. Ain’t nobody proud of that.”

We both started dying laughing and the convo ended with:

“I’m so proud of you for working so hard to stay healthy this pregnancy! Keep up the awesome work!”

On the RIGHT: Me, being me. Feeling exhausted because I’m growing a human but stoked I didn’t get to super blimp status thus far. wink emoticon and yes I can say that because I’ve done it twice before.

Never make the same mistake twice—in my case, never make it 3 times.

If you need help, ask. Stop waiting for tomorrow or until next time. Take care of you now. Trust me I know how bad it feels to do it alone. You don’t need to, I’m here. Fill out this application and let’s figure out where to start. Do it for you. smile emoticon


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