Do you have what it takes?


So I have to be honest with you all–did you know that my workouts are a pain in the tookus to fit in even though they are only 30 mins a day and I workout AT HOME. And that sometimes I just want a cheeseburger so I eat a freaking cheeseburger. Yup, there I said it. Phew–that feels better. It’s not easy transforming your life, BUT it’s SO WORTH IT. Getting my health and nutrition back on track has helped me to transform into the smiling, healthy, active pregnant lady you see before you.

My workouts have restored my:
🌟Self Confidence
🌟Sense of Purpose
🌟Mama Patience Level that disappears by 705am 🙀

They’ve give me HOPE and the ability to:
🌟Inspire Others
🌟Build Relationships
🌟Be my own boss
🌟Make my own Hours
🌟Continue to be a SAHM
🌟Earn an AMAZING income
🌟Enjoy my Freedom

In the last year I have been able to blow my fitness goals out of the water while Coaching hundreds of other truly inspiring people to start and continue theirs. I do this by supporting my clients and my Coaches on a daily basis. I run PRIVATE Challenge Groups through FB, email, messenger, text, video chats, etc. You name it. I do it.

I have grown an incredible team of Coaches that I absolutely LOVE and consider family. Some of whom I’ve never met. My team is currently ranked in the top .001 percent of our entire company. No like for real–top .001%. I no longer have a need to job hunt or panic for when all my kiddos go to school. I know exactly where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing.
Just in the last few months I’ve been able to cover all the extras of traveling that our family endured on our PCS (aka military move) across the country. I’ve traveled to Nashville to an amazing conference and didn’t have to worry about spending any of the “family” money. I go to work whenever, wherever I want. I can stay up until the wee hours of the night or I can work with kids climbing all over me. (Clearly I prefer to stay up all night LOL). I can work while doing groceries, at the beach, hiking, or sneaking in some quiet time at “story time” at our local library.

I didn’t have to Quit and Apply for a new position when the Army tells us it was time to relocate…again. I am the CEO of my own business that is succeeding beyond what I could have possibly imagined. It flourishes because it’s built on love, support, kindness and building relationships with others.

I am looking to grow my team by 10 incredible woman that are ready to take this opportunity and run with it! Are you ready to be your own boss? Are you driven to be and do more? Do you want to earn financial freedom and have fun doing it?

I would love to Coach you through one of our top notch programs while helping you develop the skills necessary to be successful. Let’s work together to make your dreams a reality. Comment below with the term “Energy is Life” and I will be happy to provide you with details on both the Coaching opportunity and the Beachbody Programs. I’ll also add you into my FREE/No obligation, no pressure Coach Sneak Peek where you can ask questions and learn more about our amazing team.

*Beachbody guarantees no level of success or income from Team Beachbody Coaching Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence and skill. My team provides EXTENSIVE training and support to all our Coaches. We are here to teach, learn, grow and support. This is what Coaching is all about and we will provide you with the tools necessary to be successful.*

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